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    • Anthyesti Funeral Services Kolkata

      Repatriation of human remains Kolkata to Assam

      "The Repatriation of human remains took place from the prestigious TMC Hospital Kolkata to Dibrugarh city in Assam, whereas Anthyesti assisted the end to end services starting from Transportation, coffin packing till cargo & airport process"

    • Anthyesti Funeral Services Kolkata

      Kolkata to Bangladesh Repatriation

      International Human Remains Repatriation:
      “Anthyesti executed an end to end repatriation of human remains export process by custom clearance from the NSCBI Kolkata airport to Bangladesh”

    • Anthyesti Funeral Services Kolkata

      Repatriation from Vietnam to Kolkata to Puri

      “Mr. Umakant a resident of India had stepped forward to bringing back his loved one which was coming from Vietnam to India Kolkata, Anthyesti helped him to transfer the human remains from Kolkata to Puri Odisha via Road”
      ( Mr. Umakant was kind enough to leave us feedback regarding the services as well ) ~ with special thanks to Raj Das.

    • Anthyesti Funeral Services Kolkata

      Ranchi to Lucknow via Road

      "An un-natural death, termed under medical sciences for death caused under unusual circumstances, under such circumstances it gets more difficult to transfer the Human Remains. Whereas Anthyesti had successfully tackled such a case where the human remains was kept for 5 days under observation and was finally released to be sent from Ranchi District of Kunti to Lucknow"

    • Anthyesti Funeral Services Kolkata

      End to End Funeral Package

      “Grievance and loss is a part of life, without it we cannot move forward, after losing of a loved one an individual residing alone in the Baguihati Kolkata was overwhelmed with emotional conflicts. Reaching out Anthyesti he wanted to spare no expense with the last rites, as anthyesti stepped in to provide services of hearse van, preservation with freezer box till the Shraddha services”

    • Anthyesti Funeral Services Kolkata

      Repatriation from Canada to Kolkata

      ”Canadian Citizen but born of India, a loving wife & daughter passed away in Canada. Helpless and traumatized her entire family came forth for assistance and Anthyesti assisted them throughout the days and nights till her remains was safely transported to her final resting place at Kolkata India” 

    • Anthyesti Funeral Services Kolkata

      HumanRemainsRepatriation(Kolkata to Mumbai)

      “What would we do if your loved one was alone in Siliguri suffered from Cardiac arrest. Amidst all the political tensions with airport closed for such situations the body had to go to Mumbai Via Kolkata. Anthyesti Stepped in to take up the challenge and ensured the body reached to their loved ones for the proper funeral Rites”

    • Anthyesti Funeral Services Kolkata

      HumanRemainsRepatriation(Siliguri to Mumbai)

      A Midst Of All The Chaos A Soul In Need From Far Away Required Assistance As The Deceased Was Not Accompanied By Any One, Anthyesti Stepped In And Made Sure The Human Remains Reached The Home Town With Ease.

    • Anthyesti Funeral Services Kolkata

      HumanRemainsRepatriation(London to Kolkata)

      It Is Never Easy To Say Goodbye To Your Loved Ones Anthyesti Has Seen Many Heartbreaking Goodbyes, Yet Anthyesti Carries On The Noble Task Of Assisting The Ones Who Are Truly In Need Of Such Services. Anthyesti Assisted One Such Case Where One Such Heartbreaking Goodbye Was Between Mother And Son Start Fragment End Fragment From London To Kolkata.


    • Anthyesti Funeral Services Kolkata

      HumanRemainsRepatriation(London to Kolkata)

      “All the way from London Anthyesti received a call for securing the human remains which was coming to Kolkata, although a troublesome task which took two days and constant support from Airports, Anthyesti pulled it off securing all the formalities and necessities required for the Import of Human Remains.”

    • Anthyesti Funeral Services Kolkata

      HumanRemainsRepatriation(Bangalore to Nairobi)

      “Anthyesti was approached by a former familiar face where he needed assistance to send one of his close friend who met his end in an unfortunate event, to Nairobi from Bangalore. Though a hurdle some task for sending an human remains overseas, Anthyesti made it easier on the client by assisting in the end to end process"

    • Anthyesti Funeral Services Kolkata

      HumanRemainsRepatriation(Mumbai To Dhanbad)

      After a long and tiresome week he came back only to find that his loved has passed away, new in the city being confused and outraged didn't’t know what can be done, nobody to support no shoulder to cry on.

      After a phone call, without hesitation Anthyesti stood by him through the toughest of situation, heckling and struggling to make sure they reach their family in time to mourn the loss of their loved one.

    • Anthyesti Funeral Services Kolkata

      HumanRemainsRepatriation(Nadia to Delhi)

      When a person goes missing for nearly 10 days and then his body is found in a different city in a remote village, your shock and worries are just magnified. Dealing with the pain of getting back your loved one form a different city is worse when death occurs elsewhere. Team Anthyesti mustered enough courage to send back the human remains from Kolkata to Delhi

    • Anthyesti Funeral Services Kolkata

      HumanRemainsRepatriation( Bankura to Mumbai)

      What Do We Do When You Lose Your Loved One Midway To Hospital, No Private Or Government Hospital  Entertains A Person Who Drew Their Last Breath And Met His End. Anthyesti Jumped In The Scene And Helped The Person Who Came All The Way From Remote Village In Bankura to Kolkata And Set To Travel To Mumbai.

    • Anthyesti Funeral Services Kolkata

      ISKCON visionary passes away!!!

      Anthyesti was priveleged to attend to the funeral of Late Swamiji who was on ventilator for quite a long time. We assisted the sevaks in showing the best funeral cars and freezer boxes possible. Owing to the greatness of the Swamiji , a very grandoise, elaborate funeral was organised where in we had provided the freezer box on wheels. A huge lorry was decorated that went visiting to all the major ISKCON shrines before the final stop at Mayapur. Anthyesti also provided funeral helpers who helped them with the technicalities of freezer box and assiting them until Mayapur.


    • Anthyesti Funeral Services Kolkata

      Mr Samuel

      Thanks to Anthyesti Funeral Services and thier dedicated team who helped us find a way to send back my grandmother from hospital in kolkata to Kalimpong, starting from all documentation to flight booking and arranging of transport to the doorstep at kalimpong, We are deeply grateful and Anthyesti kept all of its commitments, God bless you all abundantly for such noble work.

    • Anthyesti Funeral Services Kolkata

      Kitson Family

      We are residents of UK and my mother expired in a hospital at Rajarhat. We wanted a very good exquisite coffin which had to be made on request. Not only did Anthyesti Funeral Services help us with the coffin but also in preservation services. Our next hurdle was at the burial ground where we had a prebooked a 6ft*6ft space but the coffin wouldnt fit in owing to its standard size. Team Anthyesti got the whole burial space re-built in a span of few hours and also helped us in procurement of the death certificate which is generally not given at the cemeteries.

    • Anthyesti Funeral Services Kolkata

      Mr. Roychowdhury

      Anthyesti Funeral Services had conducted the 13th day ritual on request of the client who is settled in abroad. Not being able to manage the timing and the rituals progress the client had contacted Anthyesti for the rituals to be conducted as soon as possible, but due to the circumstances the client had to leave town and the funeral coverage was sent to him successfully after the ritual had completed.

    • Anthyesti Funeral Services Kolkata

      Calcutta Samaritan passes away , Late Mr. P M John

      Anthyesti Funeral Services was priveleged to serve the esteemed funeral of Late Mr. PM John. The clients were very happy with the car and also with the funeral  helpers. The customer care and also the funeral helper ensured that the client had a hassle-free experience with us. Constant care was taken to assist the clients with their rituals and formalities.

    • Anthyesti Funeral Services Kolkata

      Robin Das, UK, FuneralHelper Package

      I lost my father few days back amidst all the demonetization ruckus that was going on.I had no idea what happens in a Bengali funeral. It was a very depressing situation having my mother's ashes in one hand and the Indian currency that no longer had any value. Anthyesti not only accepted the 500, 1000 notes readily but also guided me with the best, quitest crematoriums in Kolkata. The funeral helpers were very hospitable and guided me throughout the entire cremation process.

    • Anthyesti Funeral Services Kolkata

      Neeraj Jain, Priest Services

      We belong to a Hindu Punjabi family and were looking for a typical Marwari style Daahkarm (i.e day 1). Generally we prefer Aryasamaji type rituals but we were very specific about the Marwari style where in a special "sukh shayya"is made for the deceased and a dedicated poojari  assigned for the whole kriya for day1. Anthyesti ensured us quality rituals although it came at a premium price as there was no compromise on the quality and quantity of Samigri items.Overall a very holistic experience!!!

    • Anthyesti Funeral Services Kolkata

      Ismat Rahman, Bhagalpur, Bihar

      We had to transport the body of my relative to Bihar from Tata Medical Centre, Kolkata. The doctors had given up hope and  we prayed that the patient has a peaceful, painless death. Anthyesti gave us the best deal after having compared the options to transport the deceased via road, air or rail.Infact, the embalming and packing team had got the coffin to the location and ensured we had a proper  12 hour journey to Bihar in a double AC van.There was a minor haggling of money by the driver which was duly reimbursed upon informing the customer care team.

    • Anthyesti Funeral Services Kolkata

      Satyan Kumar Das

      We were having a tough time finding the right priest for Shodos Daan service which happens in Bengali Shraadh . Anthyesti not only provided us with a good priest who can converse in Sanskrit but also explained the whole meaning of the rituals in a very elaborate and exquisite manner. The samigri platter also was very extensive and indepth.

    • Anthyesti Funeral Services Kolkata

      Debosrita Sen

      We are only three females in the house with no male support. My father expired a day ago around 3AM. Anthyesti helpers provided us support more than family members. Helpers Sumit Roy and Sanjay Datta along with the driver were there with us from the time of preservation of the body in the freezer box until the cremation. They helped us with all the man power intensive activities of a funeral.God bless these people who are more like family.

    • Anthyesti Funeral Services Kolkata

      Suparna SenGupta

       Anthyesti Funeral Services Pvt. Ltd, a young firm started operations in the city for the first time and approached Woodlands hospital for colloborations. Well, it didnt seem important at that time for such a organisation to flourish, but Anthyesti catered to the emergency requests from the hospital, providing prompt and quality service.

      COO,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Woodlands Hospital,Kolkata.

    • Anthyesti Funeral Services Kolkata

      Rahul Chaudhary

      The death occured at morning 2AM. We wanted freezer box service with embalming as the family was expected after 2 days. Embalming was done perfectly as I feared the process would deform the body.They also arranged the choice of the flowers on the hearse van. The deceased liked mogras and roses and they had arranged for the same.

      Rahul, Salt Lake

    • Anthyesti Funeral Services Kolkata


      We were short of an extra helper to carry the remains of my uncle .Anthyesti's funeral helpers did a great job by helping us arrange the funeral at the cremtion grounds. Generally, our very own family members dont accompany us to the crematorium grounds. This is a very noble service being done by Anthyesti team.

      Good job Keep it Up!!!

    • Anthyesti Funeral Services Kolkata

      Little India Casket Services

      We had to send a body from Singapore to Kolkata airport, While the export formalities was all taken care of at the Singapore agency, there was no proper point of contact at the Kolkata airport. Anthyesti Funeral Services did a wonderful job in arranging for the consignee documentation and getting the legal formalities done at the airport clearance so that the family of the deceased had no hassles in collecting the human remains.

      Little India Casket Services,Singapore


    • Anthyesti Funeral Services Kolkata


      My uncle was on ventilator and the bad news could come at any moment. The doctor had given away all the hopes and we were getting ready for the worst. Finally  the fateful event occured at 4AM in the morning. Anthyesti initially sent a van with a underaged driver but promptly replaced it when complaint was issued. They were very prompt in taking calls at early morning hours .We got a van  to Tarkeshwar at a very economical price inspite of being the wee hours of the day.

      DeepRaj, Tarkeshwar

    • Anthyesti Funeral Services Kolkata

      Rajiv Rai

      We are from Bihar and settled in Kolkata since long time. We had no awareness of the rituals at creamtion grounds. Anthyesti not only provided us with a cremation helper who personally assisted us throughout the process at the ground but also with good quality decorated hearse vans and freezer box at the EIGHTH floor. They also provided a good pujari for doing the shanti pooja as well.

      Rajiv Rai, South City Towers

    • Anthyesti Funeral Services Kolkata

      Mr. Deshbandu

      We had to come to WestBengal from Bangladesh to get my aunt treated for cancer. She was hospitalised for atleast 1 month before she finally breathed her last. There are a lot of formalities to be done when a human remains has to be transported from one country to another. Right from dealing with the police station authorities to the aviation authority  officials there is a lot of process to be done for the dead body clearance. Thanks to Anthyesti who made this process really a hassle free one.

      Export Human Remains, Bangladesh

    • Anthyesti Funeral Services Kolkata

      Mr. Gopal Saraff

      We had a requirement to preserve my uncle's body for 2 days since we were awaiting relatives. Apart from providing a freezer box Anthyesti also helped us with personailsed embalming  home services. We were under the impression that just freezing will avoid the decomposition and embalming was a new concept to us, thanks to  the professional embalmers who did a good job!!!!

      Gopal Saraff, Ramadon Group


    • Anthyesti Funeral Services Kolkata

      Dr. Arko Barman

      My grand mother expired a month ago, it was a state of shock and surprise for us. We wanted the cremation to be done out of the city and were looking for a good quality hearse van. Random search in JustDial landed us with a normal unkempt van, but Anthyesti Funeral Services sent us a professional quality van with helpers.


      MedicalOfficer,ICU,                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Indian Institute Of Neurosciences, Kolkata

    • Anthyesti Funeral Services Kolkata

      Peace Haven

      When Anthyesti Funeral Services approached Peace Haven, Kolkata's only private mortuary with their start up idea, plan and design we were all in awe and praise for youngsters with a vision for the FUNERAL industry. They picked up the intricacies and professionalism of the trade in a short span of time.


      Cheers!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Director, Peace Haven.

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