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    What is Anthyesti Funeral Services?

    We are a one-stop solution to all the post death related services across religions and communities.We have all the products and services that one can think of post the death of a loved one under one umbrella. We specialise in hearse vans, freezer boxes, certified community priests and repatriation of human remains too.

    What all religions do you cater to?

    Currently we are extensively serving the Hinudus, Muslims and the Christians. Our products are not religion specific and can be ordered by a person of any caste, religion and creed.

    Can someone pre-book a funeral?

    Recently, Anthyesti has started the concept of pre-booking funerals based on popular clientele requests. Apart from the gold, silver and platinum packages we have a tailor made plan to suit everyone's need. Popularly asked by the children of parents who stay in foreign lands and many old age home residents too.From providing funeral services to extra services like will planning, preserving memories in form of gifts, digital locker concepts etc we make your last journey planned to the detail of the flowers to be used in the ceremony.

    How many human remains can be carried at a time ? What is the cost of hiring a hearse van service ?

    A Hearse van can only carry up to one Human Remain/Dead body at a time or it can carry a coffin as well containing a human remain. The cost depends on several factors - the distance travelled, the waiting time, the number of helpers needed etc, Hence the fixed price can't be decided unless the other factors are considered.

    What is a hearse van? How many types of hearse vans are available?

    A hearse van is a term used to describe a vehicle approved/designed for carrying a dead body/human remains in a dignified manner. Many states use ambulances for the same but they are not authorized.There are various types of hearse vans:                                                                                                                  

    • Single Cabin - Its a 2 seater with a provision to carry body in the ac compartment behind. Refer gallery.
    • Double Cabin - Its a 4+1 seater with a provision to carry body in the ac compartment behind. Refer gallery.
    • Double ac - AC is provided to the cabin members along with the dead body compartment
    • Single ac - AC is only provided to the dead body. Most of the hearses are of this kind.
    What type of decorations are available?

    Generally, decorations are catered as per the client request. We have pre-decorated pics which show basic, mediocre and grandoise decorations of the hearse vans. Prices generally vary from INR 500 to INR 15,000 based on the exclusivity and types of flowers used. Kindly refer gallery.

    Can a dead body be carried from one state to other in a hearse van?

    Yes, definetly depending on the distance between source and destination as the body decomposition rate may depend in that factor. Sometimes, the state permit tax has to be borne by the client. Generally for distances upto 300km, the body's pristineness has been maintained by embalming. but for longer duration travels its advisable to carry the body in a mobile freezer box on wheels arrangement, where temperatures can be maintained between 2 deg to 4 deg.

    Why should you choose Anthyesti's priest services ?

    Anthyesti provides the freedom of choosing your own religion and community specific priests  who are trained and ready to take care of the entire Shraddh process. Generally, there is a lot of donation that a priest asks while the pooja process. We ensure our priests dont ask a single penny out of the designed package. They are responsible for the entire Samigri items as well.

    Do you have community specific priests?

    Yes. We ensure we  only send a Marwari priest to a marwari ceremony, a bengali priest to a bengali ceremony.We maintain the sanctity of the traditions and the religious beliefs of every community.Infact, our utmost concern is to provide the family with the priest who is well aware of the rituals from the deceased's village.

    Traditionally, huge donations are taken in the form of gau daan, bhoomi daan etc. How do you plan to curb this?

    Anthyesti priests abide by their rule of not asking a single donation out of their package. Its totally the client's choice whether he rewards the priest impressed by his service or not. Otherwise, a priest is only responsible to perform his rituals and get his own samigri if asked for by the client.

    What is a mortuary/freezer box ? How many types are available?

    A mortuary/ freezer box is a device used to preserve human remains generally at temperatures between 2 deg to 4 deg. This is the most preferred way over an ice-slab which is a traditional and messy way to preserve the body. Generally, a body is preserved when the family awaits their kith and kin from out-station or when the body has to be sent to other cities. There are two types of mortuary: 

    • Public mortuary :  A common place for preservation out of home where seperate freezing units are provided for bodies.Refer gallery
    • Mobile Freezer Box :  The freezer box of standard dimensions 6.5*3*4 ft is installed at home. This arrangement requires 15A electricity.Refer gallery
    How many days can a body be preserved in a mortuary /freezer box?

    Technically, it depends on the condition of the body prior to preservation. There are cases where bodies have been preserved for as long as 15 days also. Embalming is used to prevent the body from decomposition. Its a process of injecting fluids into the body to maintain the original condition. The longer the duration of preservation , the higher is the frequency of the injection shots. Post mortem cases,burn cases or highly disfigured have a higher chance of decomposition and hence difficult to preserve efficiently.

    What is the benefit of taking our Shraddh package?

    As you take our Shraddh package you don't need to worry about the event being organised, you don't need to run around to the location to find out what's happening. We do it all for you starting from the decorations to the arrangement of food and we keep you up to date. If you wish to do it at home we organise from the scratch with personal consultation and customise the event to your need.

    Who is a funeral helper ?

    A funeral helper is an Anthyesti trained crematorium/ burial ground specialists who assist the clients at the aforementioned locations. Sometimes, the client doesnt have enough members to carry out the funeral procession or in cases where a person is totally new to the city and would like to have extra assistance at the cremation ground.They ensure the client has a hassle free experience at the crematoriums

    What is repatriation of human remains?

    The term repatriation is derived from import and export of human remains in aviation terminology. Human remains repatriation is a complex process of exporting a human remain inside the country or outside the country through medium of transport. There is a large and complex structure of documentation required to complete the entire process, thus we help and guide the clients in all these steps to make it easier and faster.

    Care and preservation of the deceased.

    The first rule of air travel is that the deceased must be embalmed. This preservative treatment of the deceased is designed to alleviate the need to keep them in a cooled environment. This procedure preserves and improves the condition of the deceased until they arrive home. It also ensures the safety of the staff that handle the coffin at various stages of the journey. This is a mandatory requirement.

    Securing and sealing the casket.

    The deceased person must be properly packed within the coffin. Once sealed in the manner described the person who has died is placed in the coffin/casket of choice, which is then wrapped for its protection and securely packaged in a cardboard carton.


    In order to facilitate booking and safe arrival of the deceased at their destination your funeral director will need details of the consignee, which is the term for the person who is responsible for taking the person into their care on arrival in the country of destination. Generally repatriation is from airport to airport with the nominated funeral director taking over all matters once the body has arrived at the destination.


    How many days does it take to transport a body across countries?

    A very good question. The answer is we dont know. If all the required documentation is verified then it can be cleared in 2 days or if there is any legal issues to the documentation or a post-mortem case or death due to mysterious circumstances, then the process can be delayed to 10 days also.

    How many kinds of repatriations are there?

    Broadly, there are only two types of repatriations.

    • Domestic - A body is transported from one state to the other state or from one city to another city via road/rail/air. Less legal formalties involved.
    • International - A body is transported across Indian borders. Lots of clearances from police authorities, NOCs from embassies and cargo clearances have to be obtained.Anthyesti provides assistance at every step involved in a repatriation process.
    What are the clearances needed in case of repatriations.

    There are a long list of formalities and clearances required for repatriation of bodies. Right from police NOC's to embassy clearances, hygenic packing and embalming of bodies , booking of flight tickets, getting the right coffin size, we at Anthyesti ensure you have a hassle free experience

    In what all cities do you have your presence?

    Currently, we do repatriations for any city in India. We have our certified vendors to assist your loved ones human remains transportation in any city across India.

    What is a Consignee ?

    In order to facilitate booking and safe arrival of the deceased at their destination your funeral director will need details of the consignee, which is the term for the person who is responsible for taking the person into their care on arrival in the country of destination. Generally repatriation is from airport to airport with the nominated funeral director taking over all matters once the body has arrived at the destination.

    Can you travel with a loved one?

    Your funeral director (Anthyesti) knows that on most occasions it is the desire of the family to travel with their loved one. We make booking a flight for the family as easy a process as possible. Your Flight and cargo booking is taken care by Anthyesti itself.

    What happens if someone dies overseas and needs to be returned to India or their homeland ?

    This can be a very upsetting time as most families. In the first instance contacting your preferred funeral director is a good idea as we have contacts all over the world that can assist with practical assistance and advice. Apart from your funeral director the Embassy of the respected country where the person was from needs to be informed. After all the process is cleared you can contact the exisiting funeral director in the destination country to start assisting you for the arrival process.