Glad to announce Project Amrit by Anthyesti Foundation
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    Families in India are usually plagued by the following issues post the death of their loved one:

    • Lack of knowledge / awareness about morgues, freezer boxes, vendors, locations, rates, and other funeral essentials – especially for family members residing outside the city
    • Fragmented and un-structured market with un-regulated costs across the value chain; fleecing by vendors rampant

    • Expensive hearse vans, un-qualified priests and harassment by doms at certain crematoriums

    And they have to haggle, bargain with vendors and arrange all this during the time of their grief and loss, which makes it a bitter experience for many. Organising a funeral can be very stressful, especially when you are mourning the loss of a loved one. We believe that the funeral is an important part of coming to terms with your loss and that this day should be remembered and cherished.


    Losing a loved one is a traumatic experience. You need time to console the family, time to move on. Most of all, you need time alone–without the pulls and pressures of arranging the last rites, managing logistics and legal formalities. We at ANTHYESTI aim to standardise the unregulated funeral rites industry. Dealing with the beauracracy involved in organising a funeral can be very distressing. We provide end to end solutions for post death related rites bringing in transparency and most importantly relieving the family members from doing the last minute run arounds behind the service providers. Our panel of hearse vans, superior crematorium services, and priests are all united to assist you in your loved one's final journey.

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